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The origin of cocoa & chocolate
The praline was the very first butter cream-filled bite sized chocolate. It was either filled with nuts or cream or coated with milk or milk chocolate or filled also with a very good quality of dark chocolate. In the year 1912, chocolate started as a gift in Belgium. A Belgian chocolatier created the very first praline, a chocolate that absolutely complied to the gift career it was building.
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It was only the time when a certain Hernan Cortez visited Mexico in the year 1517 when chocolate is beginning to make its way to the world. Cortez then met the Aztec Emperor, Moctezuma, and was introduced to some of the emperor s traditions and activities. One of which is his favorite beverage, the chocolate.
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Show your loved-one how much you cherish and love her by giving her Belgian shells chocolate. This is an excellent gift idea that you can use this coming Valentines Day. Give her something new this Valentines. Sometimes, flowers and jewelry are so ordinary during this special occasion. So why not give her Belgian shell chocolate?
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No hassles at all. You can start making your own Belgian chocolate fountain whenever you want. You can also give this as gifts, besides it being useful and fun. Kids love chocolates the most. Children's party can be so fabulous with a Belgian chocolate fountain giving them a wonderful experience. The desserts must be eaten after the meal rule is not really followed.
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The cocoa beans were also used by these old civilizations as currencies. But the chocolate mixture during the old times is not as delicious as today s. When European settlers came to the south Americas, they even found the drink a bit repulsive. Even when Christopher Columbus has returned to Europe and brought with him cocoa beans from his travels to the New World; the chocolate was still a bit ignored.
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In fact, there are different varieties of Belgian chocolates available today. Some are made with liqueur, which is called chocolate liqueur, some are biscuits coated in Belgian chocolate, some are Belgian chocolate-coated nuts, and there are also other that are cookies with Belgian chocolate morsels.
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This concoction is mixed until it finally is perfectly smooth. The ratio and proportion of the ganache will vary depending on the kind of chocolate the chocolatier wants. For truffles, the usual ratio is two parts of chocolates is to one part of cream. There are basically four kinds of chocolate truffles that have been circulating the chocolate world.
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If you want to sell a lot of Belgian chocolates, you should consider putting up your fine chocolate store in a place frequented by tourists, such as the airport and a bus station. You can also consider putting up a chocolate store in the mall. Always remember that you are the chocolate seller and you should never ever touch your products if you want to make a large profit.
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Ingredients: For the Topping: 18 Ounces of dark chocolate, chopped up 1 Cup of heavy cream 12 Tablespoons of butter (unsalted) cut into cubes 1/2 Cup of corn syrup (light) 2 pinches of salt 4 Teaspoons of vanilla Direction: Throw in all the ingredients except for vanilla. Then mix everything in. Place over boiling water on a low heat; whip until melted and soft.
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The chocolate beverage was not only enjoyed but was also revered. Unfortunately, not everyone has the honor to drink chocolates during those times, only the members of the upperclass can drink it. Chocolate was thought to be helpful in relieving exhaustion and was associated with fertility. The cocoa beans were also used by these old civilizations as currencies.
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The chocolate loved by the Aztecs wasn t actually sweet, but they really loved their chocolate drinks. When chocolates arrived in Belgium, the local residents there considered it as a superb gift because of its history and medicinal effect. The Belgians were able to create a praline filling in 1912, and packed it for gift-giving purposes.